Would you like a bite-sized camp experience delivered to your doorstep?

The Lord Somers Roadie is our new initiative bringing camp to you! It’s an incursion-based indoor or outdoor program, for all ages and abilities.

Lord Somers Camp Roadie Logo

The Roadie program brings a series of interactive games and team-based challenges that promote communication, fun and friendships.

Forget bus hires, extra staff hours, and disruptions to the curriculum! Welcome on-site activities, trained enthusiastic activity leaders, and an exciting way to break up the school week.

Roadie provides an opportunity to have the camp experience at your convenience. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a mental toll on students of all ages. Lord Somers Camp prides itself on creating an opportunity to allow the students to reconnect with their classmates, boost their confidence, and get active.

The Lord Somers Roadie challenges are best suited to teams of 15-30, however we can offer some flexibility on group sizes. Our program can be adapted to accommodate and engage primary school students all the way through to secondary school students and beyond. Roadie can be delivered on a site of your choosing, although it is best suited to a large outdoor space such as a field. The number of participants involved will determine the number of teams as well as the number of challenges. We typically run two-hour sessions either in the morning or afternoon, which can be adjusted to suit your timetable.

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