We are getting into the spirit of spring down here at the Somers Camp, where preparations are well underway for a bumper year in 2020 and our upcoming Big Camps in January. We have recently completed a comprehensive revegetation project along the creek bed, where we have planted 100 trees and 500 ground covers, grasses, shrubs and other small plants in order to rehabilitate and reinforce this natural area.

The stage back wall has been repaired, removing years of staples, blue-tac stains and other damage, and given a fresh new coat of white paint. It’s now a pristine backdrop that we hope will remain in great condition for the year to come.

Among other ongoing building and maintenance projects, contractors have been booked to repair the damaged ablution block floors, the rotten window frame in the kitchen has been replaced, and we are working on restoring the damaged Camp Chief plaques in the Mess Hut.

Following an extensive application process we are proud to report we have recently been awarded accreditation by the Australian Tourism Industry Council, which is a real badge of quality, meaning our operation adheres to strict operational guidelines and meets the highest health and safety compliance standards.

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