In a milestone for youth education and empowerment, Lord Somers Camp and UN Youth Victoria are proud to announce their newfound community partnership.

UN Youth Victoria is one of the state’s largest youth-led not for profit organisations. It aims to educate and empower young Australians to be leaders for change in the 21st Century. Events such as the Victorian State Conference, held at the Lord Somers Camp, bring together over 150 high school students to engage with current global issues, and gain tools with which to positively contribute to their local and global community. Together, Lord Somers Camp and UN Youth Victoria will work together to create a positive social environment in which like-minded youth have the chance to network, collaborate and develop skills as life-long leaders.

Providing the optimum setting for students to fully immerse themselves in their education and self-empowerment, the Lord Somers Camp is the perfect home for this annual gathering of bright young minds. The secluded seven-acre campsite comfortably accommodates for a variety of activities conducted by UN Youth Victoria including Model United Nations debates, interactive workshops and keynote speaker panels. While surrounded by a picturesque rural setting on the Victorian shoreline, the tranquil nature of the campsite promotes a clear, focused and light-hearted atmosphere for students and volunteers alike.

The partnership of these well established and passionate not for profit organisations is an example of fostering a sense of community, and sets a powerful example for community development in Victoria. Moving into the future, Lord Somers Camp and UN Youth Victoria hope to inspire and empower many young Australians through their shared vision for youth leadership and education.

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