Raft building

Using barrels, ropes and wooden planks, groups are challenged to build a raft that floats in Merricks Creek and is manoeuvrable. This activity is a great test of team work and communication. Students are to work in groups in an attempt to completely build a floating raft, one capable of being paddled in the ocean. There is a limited amount of time and attempts to correctly assemble their vessel, before it is raced against their competitors.

Teamwork and critical thinking are of the utmost importance in this task and those that have worked together as a group are more likely to succeed. Questions can be asked to the leaders; however, there is a maximum of four questions that can be asked at any one time.


Learn to surf in the small, gentle waves at Somers beach. Participants will enjoy this opportunity of an introductory surfing experience. This is a progressive lesson where participants will be taught the correct techniques of this popular sport. Good listing skills and co-operation will underpin this activity.


Students of all ages get a buzz out of kayaking. In teams of two, it takes coordination and communication to paddle 2km along Merricks Creek to Balnarring Beach. This activity can be linked with camping, beachcombing or rock pool railing. Participation in this activity will promote teamwork, appreciation and enjoyment for the environment they are paddling in and the skills they are learning. Students will explore the diversity of the region by themselves and with help from team leaders as they grasp the basics skills of kayaking.

Stand up paddleboarding

This a relatively new, trendy sport that involves standing up on a large surfboard and propelling it forward using a one-bladed paddle. The conditions on the bay at Lord Somers are perfect for learning this sport which requires balance, coordination, perseverance and lots of laughs. Students are given the opportunity to paddleboard with a partner and if capable, individually.

Students will be taught to paddle their boards using the correct technique but will have to employ team work to successfully steer the board. Communication and co-operation will underpin this activity and without it the students will not be able to properly reach some of the aims of the lesson.

Surfing at Lord Somers Camp Kayaking on Merricks Creek at Lord Somers Camp River fun at Lord Somers Camp